Callum Gill
Callum’s gained confidence and acquired new skills through Working Futures
September 4, 2017
Lydia has increased her self-belief and confidence
September 7, 2017

Working Futures gave Jamie his confidence back

Jamie, 27, has a degree in business management and was always confident outgoing and ambitious – until 2 years after graduation, when he found himself unemployed and broke.

Jamie said:

“I felt depressed, ashamed of myself and at rock bottom. I got to a point where I couldn’t afford to buy food so with my head hung in shame I had to go to the foodbank.”

At the foodbank he found out about the Big Help Project and the support available through Working Futures.

He added:

“They made me feel like I could hope again, by boosting my confidence and making sure I could eat, have power in my home and helping me when applying for jobs.

I managed to get an interview and they provided me with a suit as well as help with getting there.

Most importantly they helped with interview skills; mainly boosting my confidence, which I had previously lost.

I got offered a position in a job that I thought I had no chance of getting. I put a massive part of this down to looking the part at my interview and the confidence I had been given by the Big Help Project.

Without the close one to one help and guidance from them, I dread to think what position I would be in now, especially mentally.

Thanks to all of the help provided by Working Futures, I can proudly say that I am the assistant e-commerce manager at Alive and Dirty and am excited to what the future holds”.