Thomas Francis
Signing up with Working Futures was the best thing I’ve ever done
July 17, 2017
Sarah Lovat in the training salon
Sarah’s going back to College
September 4, 2017

Lewis secures employment thanks to Working Futures Support

Lewis, aged 26, has a BA (Hons) in English Literature and Education Studies but was having difficulties in securing work due to a lack of confidence and recent experience in the workplace. Thanks to support received from Working Futures staff at Local Solutions, that’s all changed and he’s about to start work with Co-operative Bank. The help received included:

  • Overcoming barriers in terms of confidence and experience by completing relevant courses and a placement.
  • Assistance with completing an up to date and relevant CV tailored to specific applications.
  • Advice about filling in application forms and preparing for interview.
  • Accepted a job offer from the Co-operative bank.

Lewis said: “If I hadn’t taken part in the project I would not be where I am today, the motivation and the confidence that the course has instilled within me has given me the ability to successfully interview for two separate jobs and be offered two different roles.”

He added: “The Working Futures programme is a credit to the European Social Fund. The support, patience and the willingness to help from all the staff involved in the programme is insurmountable.
The opportunities and the tailored learning experience for every individual is unlike anything I have ever experienced in a classroom and is massively effective in suiting individual’s needs and helping to overcome any barriers they may have.”